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An international rip-off or an innocent abroad

After a week of highly contradictory evidence in the High Court at Auckland, Justice Sarah Katz must decide whether a Chinese-born, Opotiki kiwifruit grower conspired to sell one of our super varieties of the fruit off to China – and thus deny Zespri and New Zealand untold millions in export sales.

The kiwifruit worker’s death that led to a multi-pronged, groundbreaking prosecution

The death of kiwifruit sampler Yvonne Rogers in a quad bike accident sent shockwaves through the industry – four companies including Zespri charged with negligence. But only one was convicted, leaving Rogers’ daughter feeling frustrated and angry.

Rich Listers’ abuse of process case against WorkSafe lands in appeal court

Case has made it harder for WorkSafe to prosecute. Watch NBR View’s Susan Wood’s interview with barrister Samuel Moore.

Calls for WorkSafe to investigate Lyttelton Port Company after employee’s suicide

Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) is launching an independent investigation into its culture after a worker took her own life.

It comes after Newshub exposed claims by employees that bullying is ‘rife’ within the company. Now a top health and safety barrister is calling on WorkSafe to investigate the suicide.

UFB worker attempts to put Chorus on spot amid boost for mooted class action lawsuit

Broadband network company Chorus has become directly embroiled in a dispute involving an alleged breach of employment law in the roll-out of ultrafast broadband for what may be the first time.